About me

I started out as a drummer at the age of eight and then decided to play classical guitar during my time in senior high school. I realized quite immediately that the class lacked a bass player so that became me pretty much from day one.

Then I started to play the bass in different constellations, everything from cover bands to big bands and also even a jazz quintet.

I took a few years hiatus from the music when my kids were really small (a break that I honestly thought would last for the rest of my life), but when they had grown a bit older and I suddenly got some “free time for me” I bought a bass again and I’ve stayed on that path ever since. Pretty much at the same time I found Scott’s Bass Lessons via Youtube and to be a part of that “family” was a real boost for me.
Below you can read an interview that was made with me for SBL in July 2017 https://scottsbasslessons.com/blog/sbl-student-spotlight-daniel-wester

My motto is to be as versatile as possible and to be able to play as many genres as I possibly can.